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January 21, 2020
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Common Questions About My Account Information

Policy information
Q: What if I don't see one of my policies?

A: There are a few reasons your policy might not show up within My Account.

Some of our Mission Travel products are handled by an independent insurance underwriter and will not be part of your Brotherhood Mutual policies.

In addition, new or cancelled policies may not display dependent upon the age of the policy or change in status. If you have any questions about a policy that is not displayed, please contact our customer service department at 800.333.3735.

Q: Why don't all of my policies have the same My Account tools?

A:  My Account tools (buttons to the right of policy information) are available based on the specifics of that policy. For example, you will not see the Make a Payment button if your policy does not have a billed balance due that is eligible for online payment. If you have a question your policy details, please contact customer service at 800.333.3735.

Q: Can I change which policies show up for My Account?

A: My Account provides a complete view of policies associated with your ministry. If for some reason a policy is no longer tied to your ministry, you can request that it be removed from your My Account view by choosing "Manage Accounts" from the "Profiles Menu." Select "Manage Policies" and then de-select the check box for that policy. A ministry that has branched off into a separate entity would be an example of when you might request a policy be removed. 

Q. I deselected a policy by mistake when I first logged in. Can I retrieve it?

A: You can add a policy back into your My Account view by choosing "Manage Accounts" from the "Profiles Menu." Select "Manage Policies" and then check the box next to that policy. Any changes you make will apply to any person who views your ministry's My Account information. 

Q: Can I request a change to policy information or update our contact information?

A: Your agent may need to be involved with some policy changes. If your agent is not available, you can always contact our customer service department at 800.333.3735.

Q: What if I have more than one policy number for a particular type of policy?

A: You may view policy information for additional policies of the same type by advancing the screen using the arrow button to the right of the policy type.

Q: Can I view policies from other ministries that I work with?

A: As a My Account user, you can sign up to view all ministry accounts that you work with, provided that you can verify certain policy information. Add other accounts to your profile by selecting "Manage Accounts" under the "Profiles" menu. You will be prompted to enter policy information when you choose "Add an Account."

Q: How do you keep my policy information secure?

A: Everything you transmit is encrypted using industry standard SSL technology. While there is always a risk of security breach of information processed over the Internet, Brotherhood Mutual is committed to procedures to combat such security breach.

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