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January 21, 2020
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Common Questions About Payments


Q: What is DirectPay?

A: DirectPay is an automatic premium payment service. When you enroll, you authorize Brotherhood Mutual to withdraw your insurance premiums directly from your bank account.

Q: How does DirectPay work?

A: On the due date indicated on your premium notice we'll withdraw the exact amount of your insurance premium from your bank account. You'll continue to receive a premium notice approximately 30 days before the withdrawal date, giving you time to deposit the necessary funds. A record of the payment will be reflected on your regular bank statement.

Q. Can I enroll online?

A: You can access the DirectPay enrollment form from the "My Account" page or by selecting "Manage Payment Methods" from the "Profiles" menu. Follow the "Enroll Now" link next to the policy for any eligible policy not already enrolled.

Q. How long does the enrollment process take?

A: It only takes minutes to sign up for DirectPay.  You only need to provide a little information and your request can be submitted. It can take up to 14 days for your enrollment to be processed. Please continue to make payments during this time period. You will receive an email notification when your enrollment is processed.

Q. Can I change banking information or cancel my enrollment?

A: Yes. You can make changes to your enrollment up to 5 days before the payment due date. Choose "Manage Payment Methods" under the "Profiles" menu. Then, choose "Details" next to the policy you would like to change. Or you may contact a customer service representative at 800.333.3735.

online Bill payment eligibility & Rules

Q: What is Online Bill Payment? How is it different from DirectPay?

 A: Online Bill Payment allows you to make a "one-time" electronic premium payment.  This service is accessed by selecting "Make a Payment." It is different from our DirectPay service which involves recurring automatic premium payments. You may print and review the "Terms & Conditions" for either payment service prior to accepting the agreements. 

Q: Why don't all of my policies have a "Make a Payment" feature?

A: Only policies that have a billed balance due and are eligible for online payment will have "Make a Payment" available. If you have a question about making your payment, please contact customer service at 800.333.3735.

Q: Can I pay online if my policy has been cancelled for non-payment of premium?

A: Online payments cannot be accepted for policies cancelled due to non-payment of premium. Please contact your agent regarding the possibility of reinstatement.

Q: Can I make a partial payment on my account?

A: Partial payments for individual bills are not accepted. However, if you have multiple bills outstanding, you may opt to pay one or more as long as they are paid in the order they are displayed.

Q: Do you accept credit card payments online?

A: The online premium payment service can only accept an ACH transfer from a checking or savings account. Premium payments may also be made by check or money order or you can enroll in DirectPay, an electronic funds transfer program.

Online Bill Payment processing 

Q: When will my Online Bill Payment be processed?

A: With this service you to choose the date your payment is to be applied to your policy from a range of available dates. Available dates will be based on the premium due date. If you choose a weekend or holiday, the payment may not be processed until the next business day.

Q: Will I receive a receipt or confirmation of my payment?

A: Your receipt will be displayed after you have confirmed the payment information, accepted the terms and conditions, and submitted the payment.  Select the print button to print a copy of your receipt. Changes to the payment information can be made at the confirmation step. 

Q: Can I cancel a payment that I’ve submitted online?

A: You must contact our Customer Service department at least 5 business days prior to the payment date you selected to request cancelation of an online payment.

Q: Is my bank account information secure?

A: Information collected through the secure portion of our website is encrypted for your protection. We are committed to keeping the personal information collected from our customers confidential and secure. We update and test our systems regularly to ensure the protection and integrity of information that we maintain.

managing payment methods
Q: Can I change banking information used for DirectPay?

A: Yes, you can change the banking information used for DirectPay, provided your scheduled payment is not within 5 days of the current date. Simply select "Manage Payment Methods" from the "Profiles" menu. Then select "Details" for the enrolled policy that you would like to change. 

Q: Can I cancel DirectPay enrollment?

A: Yes, you can cancel DirectPay enrollment, provided your scheduled payment date is greater than 5 days away. Simply select "Manage Payment Methods" from the "Profiles" menu. Then select "Details" for the enrolled policy for which you would like to cancel DirectPay.

Q: How do I add a bank or to my profile?

A: You can add a bank to your profile by selecting "Add Bank Account" on the "Manage Payment Methods" screen. Adding a bank account to your profile makes the account available for your use making future payments. You always have the option to "Save Bank Account" when you add an account while making an Online Bill Pay payment.

Q: Where will my banking information be displayed?

Banking information saved by adding a bank account or saving the account during Online Bill Pay is displayed for your profile only under "Manage Payment Methods." Other My Account users will not see this information, even if they are from the same ministry. Banking information used for DirectPay enrollments will be shown on the "Details" page of each policy. Any My Account user who has been provided access to this policy will see the enrollment details. In either case, only the last 4 digits of the account number are shared. 

payment history
Q. What are manual payments?

A: Manual payments are non-electronic payments, including cash, check, and money orders. Electronic payments are noted as either Online (Make a Payment) or DirectPay as applicable.

Q: What is an applied credit?

A: An applied credit is a credit balance that has been applied to a premium payment on your behalf. If a refund or overpayment situation occurs and a billed balance is due, the credit will automatically be applied to the premium.

Q: Why wouldn't a credit balance be issued to me as a refund?

A: Several factors are involved in when a refund is issued. Credit balances may be applied to a premium balance, issued to you, or held by Brotherhood Mutual depending upon the amount of the credit and whether a billed balance is due. Please contact customer service if you have any questions regarding a refund, credit, or overpayments of any kind.

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